Livestock Pass Program

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors recently approved an Ag Pass Program. The program allows eligible Santa Clara County cattle producers access to their livestock in the event of a wildfire. 

Eligibility: Livestock Passes shall be issued to commercial livestock producers (owner-operators and operation managers). A commercial livestock producer must own at least 20 head of cattle; sheep; goats; honeybee hives; or other Livestock permissible by the Division of Agriculture; that reside in Santa Clara County for at least part of the year. See the attached summary and application to requirements to verify eligibility.

In addition to receive an Ag Pass eligible livestock owners must attend a 4-hr fire safety workshop. 

The third Fire Safety workshop to be held on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2023

Santa Clara County Livestock Pass Program

Fire Safety Training  - RSVP REQUIRED!


9am – 1 Pm

PLEASE NOTE: Bring required eligibility documents* to the training.

Location:  Santa Clara County Division of Agriculture

80 W. Highland Avenue; Building K
San Martin; CA 95046

Santa Clara County has created a “Livestock Pass” program to provide a uniform way of identifying commercial livestock producer owner-operators and managers to firefighting personnel; law enforcement officers; and other emergency personnel. Possession of a Livestock Pass during a wildfire or a similar disaster may allow the rancher limited emergency access to restricted areas for the purposes of:

1) Feeding; watering; or caring for livestock sheltering in-place or 

2) Evacuating livestock

four-hour fire safety training is required to participate in the Livestock Pass Program.  This training class has been approved to meet the Livestock Pass program requirements and will be provided by the Santa Clara Unit of CAL FIRE.

*Eligibility will be confirmed by one or more of the following:

1) Operator identification number issued by a county agricultural commissioner.

2) Assessor’s Parcel Number confirming agricultural zoning for the property or properties upon which access is sought.

3) Agricultural land lease documentation.

4) Williamson Act enrollment documentation.

5) Documentation from the USDA Farm Services Agency attesting that the applicant is a commercial livestock producer.

6) Current registration of a livestock brand with the Bureau of Livestock Identification; brand inspector may confirm eligibility based on number of cattle owned.

7) Letter of Authorization from ranch owner

Please contact Colleen Dehertel at 408-201-0672 or [email protected] to RSVP

If you would like to learn more about the program; confirm eligibility requirements; receive an application; please contact:

 Drew Raymond; Deputy Ag. Commissioner – 669-250-9998

Julie Morris; Ag. Liaison – 831-245-5367

Sheila Barry; UCCE Livestock Advisor – 408-282-3106

Livestock pass application.

To submit the application you can email [email protected] or Fax: (408) 286-2460

Printable Flyer

Livestock Pass program overview

Livestock Pass Program Liability Disclosure

Location: Santa Clara County Division of Agriculture

80 W. Highland Avenue, Building K

San Martin, CA 95046



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