Continuing Pesticide Education for Growers and Commercial Applicators

Continuing Education Seminars:

Our office staff regularly speaks at seminars about pesticide laws and regulations and new pests to the county. If you would like us to speak at your seminar or present a topic to your employees please contact us. We can also assist you in applying for DPR continuing education hours for your seminar or training session.

We have a calendar on our front page with future outreach events. You can reach the front page by clicking on our name or the ladybug at the top of this page, or by calling our office at (408) 201-0640.

Private Applicator Testing

The previous study guide available for purchase through the UCIPM program is in the middle of being revised due to recent legislation changes in January 2017. This previous manual is still available for growers to study for the private applicator exam, but it’s important to note that several of the pages have outdated information. If you will be taking the private applicator exam soon or would like to be updated about the changes, please click on the link below titled “Private Applicator Manual Updates – Jan 2017”.

Continuing Education Hours by Video

Certified Private Applicators and Qualified Applicators can obtain the required continuing education hours any time during the year by viewing videos and answering a quiz at hour office.

Call one of our offices to arrange a time to view videos and complete the worksheets. (Please give us at least 3 days notice.)

Continuing Education for Professional Pest Control Applicators:

The Department of Pesticide Regulation and the Structural Pest Control Board post continuing education classes for licensees on their respective websites.

To take some FREE on-line UC IPM courses, click here:


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