What You Can Do To Help!

Pests (cartoon) with international no sign

The best way you can help combat the spread of invasive insects, weeds and plant diseases is by not sending back-yard grown fruit or vegetables through the mail.  The fruits or vegetables may look good on the outside, but damaging insects can lay their eggs inside fruit and vegetables and then hitchhike into California.                                

Together, we can protect California!

McPhail and Jackson fruit fly traps in orange trees

The State of California has a pest detection program looking for new introductions of damaging pests. If the California Department of Agriculture asks to place an insect trap in your yard, please help out California and say “Yes!”


It’s important to know the relevant laws, regulations, and quarantines if you plan to ship agricultural products.

  1. For domestic shipments destined for California: You can contact your local agricultural commissioner’s office with questions. For a listing of all the agricultural commissioner offices in the State, visit:
  2. If you would like to ship something to another State, you can visit that state’s agriculture website or you can look up their entry requirements at the National Plant Board’s website
  3. When you travel, please do not bring back any plants, cuttings, fruits or vegetables! YouTube video from the Beagle Brigade “Don’t Pack a Pest”:
  4. If you want to import agricultural products into the United States, contact USDA:
  5. Teach others about the importance of keeping pests out of California. Links and resources, including a coloring book.

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