Santa Clara County Weed Management Area

The Santa Clara County Weed Management Area (SCCWMA) sponsors technical educational opportunities, is working to map and inventory noxious weed infestations within the county, establish local research and demonstration projects, and prepare educational brochures and pamphlets.  A goal of the SCCWMA is to receive grant monies for education, research, and control projects within the region relating to the integrated management of noxious weeds.  These projects will improve the recreational value, enhance the watershed quality, and expand the agricultural opportunities of lands currently infested with noxious weeds.

The SCCWMA works to promote the use of integrated strategies to manage weeds.  Integrated weed management is a system for the planning and implementation of selected methods of management for the preventing, containing, or controlling of undesirable plant species or group of species using all available strategies and techniques.  Together, these strategies and techniques are economically and environmentally more effective than any single option. The elements of integrated management include education and awareness, prevention and early detection, inventory, control, and monitoring and evaluation.

Meetings:  The Santa Clara Weed Management Area usually meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 10am-12pm. Meetings are open to anyone interested in weed management and restoration. Meetings are currently held in the Santa Clara County Division of Agriculture Conference Room located in Building 1 at 1553 Berger Drive, San Jose, CA 95112.  We suggest you call a week prior to check that the time and location of the meeting has not changed. Contact Nancy Barrera, Santa Clara County Division of Agriculture at (408) 201-0646.

The Santa Clara County Weed Management Area is a partnership of public and private landowners and watershed managers, including the staff of:

Blue Oak Ranch
California Department of Food and Agriculture
California Native Plant Society
California State Parks
City of Gilroy
City of Palo Alto
Guadalupe/Coyote Resource Conservation District
Loma Prieta Resource Conservation District
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Santa Clara County Cattlemen's Association
Santa Clara County Farm Bureau
Santa Clara County Open Space Authority 
Santa Clara Valley Water District
UC Cooperative Extension Service
USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service

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