Pesticide Training Forms, Use Reports, Permit Applications, Restricted Materials List

Training: All employees that handle pesticides must be trained on an annual basis. The training must cover specific topics which are listed in Title 3 California Code of Regulations, Section 6724.  The program used to train the employee must also be put in writing. This written training program must describe the materials (e.g. study guides, Material Safety Data Sheets, slides, videos) and information that was used to train the employee. Examples of these forms are found in the attachments below.

Pesticide Use Reports: All pest control companies that apply pesticides for hire must file a monthly use report with each county in which they perform work. The reports are due on the 10th day of the month following the month of use. For example, the use report for January is due on February 10th.

Restricted Materials Permit / Operator Identification Number: All commercial growers must obtain a permit or operator number through our office prior to spraying their crops with any pesticide, including pesticides allowed under organic farming systems. A restricted materials permit is also required for any professional pest control company that applies a California restricted material. The California Restricted Materials List and the application for a permit are found below.​​​

Pesticide Use Reporting

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