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  • Table of Contents for Articles Written from 2002 - 2005

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2005

    DPR's New Enforcement Response Policy, Fumigation Management Plans, Choosing the Right Gloves for the Job, Registration Season, The Pesticide Review 2006, Scientists Debunk "Alarmists" Myths About Cancer, Pesticide Seminar

  • The Pesticide Review - September 2005

    Public Agencies & PCA Written Recommendations; Structural Spray Notice; Structural Fumigations & Fire Alarms; Maintaining Pesticide Records; Agricultural Civil Penalties; Giant Whitefly

  • The Pesticide Review - July 2005

    Summer Reminder, Workplace Posting Requirements for Employees, Posting Addresses on the Internet, DPR's "Top 10" Pesticide Blunders at Home, Structural Applicator Examination, Backflow Prevention

  • The Pesticide Review - May 2005

    Three Birds in Almaden / Santa Teresa Area Test Positive for West Nile Virus, Agricultural Business Records & Storage Inspections, Department of Pesticide Regulation News

  • The Pesticide Review - March 2005

    Common Illegal Pesticides, Monthly Summary Use Reports, Pesticide Storage on Service Vehicles

  • The Pesticide Review - February 2005

    Defining "Physically Present", Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program, The Return of Bed Bugs, Virus Infects Red Imported Fire Ants, From the Question File:No Foam B Label Change & Game Fowl and the West Nile Virus

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2004

    Pesticide Exposures, Structural Exclusion Work, Birds Decimated by Virus, Registration Season, San Jose Office Hours, Pesticide Seminar

  • The Pesticide Review - September 2004

    Fingerprint Process for Structural Licensees, Lyme Disease and the Western Fence Lizard, Identifying Work Vehicles, Suggestions from Industry, DPR License Renewal, Federally Restricted Pesticides, Monthly Use Reporting

  • The Pesticide Review - July 2004

    Acute versus Chronic Effects, DPR's Top 10 Pesticide Blunders at Home, West Nile Virus Update, Changes to the Agricultural Civil Penalty Code, From the Question File: Recommendations for unrestricted pesticides on rights-of-way.

  • The Pesticide Review - May 2004

    Routes of Pesticide Exposure; Raglius alboacuminatus; Interpreting the Law, Literally; Dispelling the Rumors About the Department of Fish and Game's Trapping Laws; Ca. Officials Nearly Fall for H20 Hoax; Crack & Crevice Treatments; Regional IPM Conference.

  • The Pesticide Review - March 2004

    Changing Your License to Reflect an Address or Name Change, Certified Commercial Applicators & Training, CDFA Pest Quarantines, Cuban Land Snail, Pest Identification, Fumigation Warning Signs, From the Question File

  • The Pesticide Review - January 2004

    Argentine Ants, Fish Tanks and Structural Fumigation, Pesticide Safety Information Series Pamphlets, DPR Licensing Fee Increase, DPR's New Written Recommendation Policy

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2003

    Exempted Pesticide Products, Preventing Spray Drift, Registration Season, Structural Written Notice to Occupants, Continuing Education Seminar, The Pesticide Review

  • The Pesticide Review - October 2003

    Restricted Pesticides, Pesticide Adjuvants, From the Question File, Continuing Education Seminar - IPM Workshop

  • The Pesticide Review - August 2003

    Glassy Winged Sharpshooter Update, Pest Control Pop Quiz, Senate Bill Restricting Pesticides in Schools Dies, North County Biologist Rotations

  • The Pesticide Review - July 2003

    Preventing Heat Related Illnesses, Respirators, From the Question File: Fumitoxin Flask Disposal

  • The Pesticide Review - June 2003

    California Code of Regulations, Ground Squirrels & Burrowing Owls, Decontamination Sites, Signal Words & LD50

  • The Pesticide Review - April 2003

    Service Container Labeling, Pesticide Containers, Inert Ingredients, Agricultural Licensees, The Coast Group, From the Question Pile

  • The Pesticide Review - March 2003

    Coveralls versus Work Clothing, New Trapping Requirements, The Unsung Pollution Fighter, Our New Web Address, The New Spider in Town, DPR's Proposed 2003 / 2004 Budget

  • The Pesticide Review - February 2003

    Copper Napthenate Label Interpretation, Cleaning Pesticide Spray Equipment, County Health has a New Phone Number, Pesticide Registration Numbers, Posting of Storage Areas, Landscapers: Being Green Keeps Your Business Growing

  • The Pesticide Review - January 2003

    The Pesticide Review, Agriculture Website, Small Business Hazardous Waste Program, The Olive Fruit Fly

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2002

    Pest Control Registration, Fumigating Homes with Safes, Wild Pigs, West Nile Virus, Morgan Hill Office Has New Phone Numbers, Pesticides in the Home

  • The Pesticide Review - October 2002

    Africanized honeybees, Pesticide notice, Agricultural vs. Structural pest control, Sudden Oak Death

  • The Pesticide Review - September 2002

    Non-compliances vs. violation notices, Pest control & public relations, Enforcement update, The Department of Pesticide Regulation & Licensing, Oversight Inspections, Bird protection laws and regulations

  • The Pesticide Review - August 2002

    Spray rig & equipment repair shops, Agricultural use records, Structural use records, Agricultural licensees, Bait station labeling, The spider myth

  • The Pesticide Review - July 2002

    Taking of wildlife, Santa Clara County School Districts, Agricultural pesticide spray notice, Clopyralid in compost

  • The Pesticide Review - June 2002

    Protective eyewear, Pesticide use reporting, Structural written notice to occupants, Administrative civil penalties & due process, District Attorney actions

  • The Pesticide Review - May 2002

    Healthy Schools Act, GWSS update, Employee incentives, Structural branch II and III exams, Bacteria & Fungi can bug termites to death

  • The Pesticide Review - March 2002

    Supervising employees, Benefits of a good supervision program, Who is responsible for violations?, What can employers do to have their employees be more accountable?, Website and new San Jose office phone numbers

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