The Pesticide Review

This newsletter is sent to pesticide dealerships and registered pest control companies in Santa Clara County. Topics covered in the newsletter range from insect and plant disease information to regulatory code sections that apply to their businesses.​​​


  • The Pesticide Review - November 2020

    New Online Pest Control Registration, New to CalAgPermits?, COVID-19 Pest Control, Agriculture Team, Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide Restrictions, Overhead Spray, Plum Bud Gall Mite, Pyrethroids, If Asked...You Must Tell, Pest Identification Resources, County of Santa Clara Dog Team, Less-Toxic Pest Control

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2018

    Hazardous Waste disposal program, unlicensed pest control companies, 2018 Documented secondary poisonings & horror stories, 2018 registration season, Read the Label, wet weather means increased stormwater pollution, Canine detector dog inspects parcels, Red Turkestan roach, from the question file: wipes or soap & water, are ants structural or garden pests (and how should I be licensed?), QR codes on disclosure notices

  • The Pesticide Review- November 2017

    Protecting a Client’s Privacy, Structural Pesticide Notice, Poisoned Great Horned Owl, Use Reporting Accuracy, Top Pesticide Blunders, Pyrethroid Applications, Fipronil Label Changes Coming!, Pesticide Spills, Boxwood Blight, Asian Crazy Worm

  • The Pesticide Review- November 2016

    NEW Agricultural Company Registration Form, Pest Diagnostic Lab Service, From the Case Files:, Busting Bugs: USDA Creates Online Tools to ID Pests, Pesticides in Santa Clara Valley Creeks, 2016 Pesticide Horror Stories, Bay Area Registration Fees, Pesticide Use Records, DPR Newsbox

  • The Pesticide Review- November 2015

    PPE Requirements, Pesticide Use at Schools, If Asked, Do Tell!, DPR License Renewal, New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations, Pesticide Safety Information Series (PSIS) Updates, On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting, 2015 Pesticide Scares

  • The Pesticide Review- November 2014

    US Customs & Border Protection; Talking to Employees About to Say When Something Goes wrong; Structural Pest Control Board Update; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; Second Generation Rodenticides; Brown Marmorated Stink Bug; Bagrada Bug; Asian Citrus Psyllid; Stingless Honey Bee; The Pest Game; Department of Agriculture

  • The Pesticide Review- November 2013

    From the Case Files; Read those Pesticide Labels!; Globally Harmonized System: The change to MSDS’s; Rodent Bait Box Requirements; Pyrethroids: Title 3, California Code of Regulations §6970; Respiratory Requirements; The Santa Clara County “Agriculture Team; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; Continuing Education Seminar; Invading Invasives; Japanese Carpenter Bee; The New Roach on the Block

  • The Pesticide Review- November 2012

    The Green Bulletin; The Pyrethroid Working Group; Changes to Use Reporting for Structural Pest Control Companies; New Pesticide PPE Brochure Available; Sniffing Out Invasive Threats; Deregulation Recommended for Santa Clara County; Inspections in Santa Clara County; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; Grow Your Business – Become Certified In Integrated Pest Management; Top Pesticide Blunders by Consumers; Entering License Numbers on Pesticide Use Reports; Our South County Office Has Moved!; Reporting Bedbug Treatments in San Francisco

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2011

    Department of Pesticide Regulation Proposes Restrictions in Urban Areas to Protect Water Quality; Taking the Bait; Notice of Applications; Go Ask the Manager...; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; The Pestman Sometimes Rings Twice; Exempted Pesticide Products; University of California IPM Newsletter; From the Question File: Decontamination & Emergency Medical Care; License Renewal Season; Continuing Education Class; Top 10 Pesticide Blunders in 2009 & 2010

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2008

    New License Numbers; County Registration; Maintenance Gardeners & Green Waste; Free Recycling Program For Empty Pesticide Containers; Top Pesticide Blunders; Ant guts could pave the way for better drugs; From the Question File - Respirators and Medical Questionnaires; New "Country of Origin Labeling" Law Requires Stores to Tell you Where your Food Comes From

  • The Pesticide Review - March 2008

    Pesticide Notice; Have you or your office moved recently?; Pyrethroids & Water Invertebrates; Container Recycling Program

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2007

    New Respiratory Regulations; Pesticide Violations; Structural Registration; Exotic Pests Finding Their Way to Santa Clara County; From the Question File: FR applying Fumitoxin & OFF; On-Line Use Reporting; Continuing Education Seminar

  • The Pesticide Review - August 2007

    Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM), Label Interpretations, Keep Your Distance, From the Question File: (storage of containers on their side / air gaps / service container labeling), Giant Whitefly Parasitoids Are Coming to San Jose!

  • The Pesticide Review - April 2007

    Pesticide Use Near Red-Legged Frog Habitat; Interpreting Label Instructions; Despite Buzz on Bees, Experts Disagree on Seriousness of Problem; From the Question File: Recommendations & ERP; Changes to the North County Office

  • The Pesticide Review - February 2007

    Pesticide Use Near Salmon-Supporting Waters; Fish & Game Trapping Laws; California Restricted Material Permits; Enforcement Response Policy; Chemically-Resistant Gloves

  • The Pesticide Review - November 2006

    Prohibited Service Containers for Pesticides; Pesticide Spills; Department of Fish & Game's CALTIP Program; Trapping Laws; Expanding the Requirements of the Healthy Schools Act; Structural Civil Penalties; Director's Decision of Appeal: Copper Naphthenate

  • The Pesticide Review - September 2006

    Employee Training Record Inspections, New Publications from the University of California, Japanese Dodder, Renewal Reminder

  • The Pesticide Review - July 2006

    Registered vs. Specimen Labels, Top 10 Pesticide Blunders, The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

  • The Pesticide Review - May 2006

    Restricted Pesticides and CEQA, Pest Control Pop Quiz, The Definition of a Pesticide Handler, Suggested Study Material for Agricultural Licensees, Germ Warfare: New Anti-Microbial Towel, Fumigation Disclosure Form

  • The Pesticide Review - March 2006

    Proposed Enforcement Policy Regulations; Tropical Rat Mites; Using Pesticides in Agricultural and Non-Production Agricultural Sites; Public Agencies & PCA Written Recommendations

  • The Pesticide Review - January 2006

    On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; West Nile Virus; Pesticide Enforcement Gets Tougher For Good Reason; From the Question File; Hackberry Woolly Aphid

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