Moving to Santa Clara County from a Gypsy Moth State?

Gypsy Moth on a tree bark

  If you have ever visited or lived in an area with a gypsy moth infestation, you undoubtedly have seen the devastation this pest can cause. Gypsy Moths can actually strip a forest clean of leaves. If you are moving to California from a state that has Gypsy Moth, you will have to inspect your outdoor articles and sign a gypsy moth inspection form prior to your move.  Once you arrive in California, you will be instructed to contact our office and arrange for an appointment with a biologist to come to your residence and inspect your outdoor articles. Gypsy Moths are prolific egg-layers and will often lay eggs on common household items stored outdoors, such as doghouses, swing sets, and patio furniture. When preparing for your move to California, contact your local agricultural department several weeks prior to your move to ensure timely receipt of the required inspection documents. Moving vans arriving at California border stations without appropriate inspection documentation are sealed and placed under quarantine. In addition, truck drivers in possession of undocumented loads will be issued a citation. The sealed moving van will be allowed to continue on to its destination, but the truck cannot be opened until authorized by the local county agricultural office.

To find out if California has a quarantine against your State for Gypsy Moth go to the website under related links and scroll down to "Federal Quarantines - Domestic" and click on 301.45 Gypsy Moth.

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