Light Brown Apple Moth

Light Brown Apple Moth

The Light brown apple moth is native to Australia and is found in New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Hawaii. There are more than 250 plant species known to be susceptible to attack by this pest. Major domestic hosts of concern include ornamental plants, oak trees, stone fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries and apricots), apples, pears, grapes and citrus. The pest destroys, stunts, or deforms young seedlings; spoils the appearance of ornamental plants; and injures deciduous fruit-tree crops, citrus, and grapes.

Quarantine area:

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has established a quarantine area in several counties due to the infestation of the light brown apple moth. To see a map of the quarantine areas in Santa Clara County, please click on the attachment below. If you would like to see maps of the other quarantine areas, you can click on the link below for the California Department of Food & Agriculture’s website. People who are unsure if they are within the quarantine zone are asked to assume that they are.

Restrictions: (updated as of 2-25-10)

* Homeowners: Based upon recent guidance from officials with the Federal / State Light Brown Apple Moth Project, non-commercial, home-grown fruits, vegetables, and plants are now allowed to move within a regulated area. However, homeowners are urged to self-inspect the items before moving them and not to move any plant products with small holes or signs of feeding damage caused by a caterpillar.

* Food Bank Charities: Fruits and vegetables grown by homeowners in the regulated area can move to food banks. However, we ask that this produce be self-inspected to ensure there are no signs of feeding damage caused by a caterpillar. These products can be distributed within the regulated county.

Official inspection and certification is still required for commercial producers or when plant products leave the quarantined area.

What about yard trimmings?

Please utilize your curbside green waste services. Yard trimmings should not be transported outside the regulated areas. The green waste services in the quarantine areas operate under compliance agreements with our office, so please use their services to dispose of these materials.


If you have questions about a LBAM trap, please call the California Department of Food and Agriculture office in San Jose at (408) 254-8573.

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