Invasions of Alien Invasive Species in Santa Clara County

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Invasive species can wreak havoc on the state’s natural resources, our backyard gardens, and agricultural industry by taking over a region and causing severe damage to agricultural crops and the natural environment.  The most common way invasive species move into a new area is by hitchhiking on plant material.  Santa Clara County is considered a gateway county because we have a major airport and a population who travels all over the world.  Over the years many invasive species have been introduced to Santa Clara County through the movement of plant material from other countries and from across state lines. We think many of these invasives have come back inside fruit people have brought back from their travels.   Species like the Guava Fruit Fly, Oriental Fruit Fly, Medfly, and the European Grapevine Moth have all entered Santa Clara County by hitchhiking on plant material from another state or country.  Thankfully, all of these infestations were treated and successfully eradicated.   To view maps showing the infestations of these invasive species over the past decade, click on the related articles down below.   

It is imperative to know the regulations governing the movement of plant material before bringing plants into the state or county.  Please contact your County Agriculture Department to determine if it is okay to bring plant material into the county before it is shipped.   

Please do not receive or send backyard grown fruit, vegetables, or plants, by mail because this is the easiest way to introduce an invasive species to a new area.  Talk to your relatives and educate them about the risk of introducing an invasive species by shipping backyard grown plant material.  See links below to learn more about the invasive species.

To see maps of where Santa Clara County has had invasive species introductions and successful eradication projects, click on the maps below.

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