Growing Times

This newsletter is sent out to all the growers that are issued permits through our office.  Some of the topics include agricultural updates and pesticide laws and regulations.   ​​​​


  • The Growing Times - November 2018

    Hazardous Waste Disposal, Canine Detector Dog inspects parcels and protects agriculture, 2018 pesticide horror stories & documented secondary poisonings, On line pesticide use reporting, from the question file: storage signs and old pesticides

  • The Growing Times- November 2017

    Pesticide Applications Near Schools, Poisoned Great Horned Owl, Top Pesticide Blunders, Pesticide Use Reporting On-Line, Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus, Asian Crazy Worm, Pesticide Spills

  • The Growing Times- November 2016

    Pesticide Applications Near Schools, Pest Diagnostic Lab Service, Busting Bugs: USDA Creates Online Tools to ID Pests, 2016 Pesticide Horror Stories, Pesticide Use Reporting On-Line, DPR Newsbox

  • The Growing Times - November 2015

    New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations; Pesticide Safety Information Series (PSIS) Updates; Proposed Changes to Nighttime Lighting; 2015 Pesticide Scares

  • The Growing Times- November 2014

    US Customs & Border Protection; On-Line Continuing Education; Santa Clara County Crop Report; On-line Pesticide Use Reporting; Brown Marmorated Stink Bug; Bagrada Bug; Second Generation Rodenticides; Asian Citrus Psyllid

  • The Growing Times- November 2013

    On-Line Continuing Education Site for Licensees and Certificate Holders; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; The Santa Clara County Agriculture Team; Respiratory Requirements; Globally Harmonized System: The change to MSDS’s; Invading Invasives; Japanese Carpenter Bee; The New Roach on the Block

  • The Growing Times- November 2012

    New Pesticide PPE Brochure Available; USDA Farm Census; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; South County Office Has Moved!; Sniffing out Invasive Threats; Deregulation Recommended for Santa Clara County; Illegal Pesticide Sales to Peach Growers; Crop Report

  • Growing Times - November 2011

    March 2012 Export Training Class; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; Restricted Materials & NOI’s; Signal Words and LD50; In a California Vineyard, Bluebirds Earn Their Keep; California: E.Coli 0157:H7 present but not common in wildlife of nation’s salad bowl; Exempted Pesticide Products; Company Agrees to Criminal Fine for Pesticide Violation; The Genetically Modified Crop Debate in the Context of Agricultural Evolution

  • Growing Times - November 2008

    Continuing Education Credits; The Restricted Materials List has Two New Additions; Santa Clara County Exotic Pest Update; Free Recycling Program for Empty Pesticide Containers; Posting of Storage Areas; Pyrethroids & Water Invertebrates; New "Country of Origin Labeling" Law Requires Stores to Tell you Where your Food Comes From; Continuing Education Seminar

  • Growing Times - November 2007

    New Respirator Regulations; Air-Gaps with Hand-Held Equipment; CDFA Pest Ratings; Exotic Pests Finding Their Way to Santa Clara County; On-Line Pesticide Use Reporting; Continuing Education Seminar

  • Growing Times - August 2007

    Pesticide Use Near Red-Legged Frog Habitat; DPR Supports Natural Alternatives to Fumigants; Backflow Prevention; Despite Buzz on Bees, Experts Disagree on Seriousness of Problem

  • The Growing Times - February 2007

    Pesticide Use Near Salmon-Supporting Waters; Restricted Pesticides & CEQA; Enforcement Response Policy; Fake Pesticides Threaten Food Safety

  • Growing Times - November 2006

    Pesticide Permit Renewal; Mediterranean Fruit Fly and GWSS Updates; Wild Pigs; Department of Fish & Game's CALTIP Program; Inert Ingredients; Definition of a Pesticide Handler; Medical Supervision

  • Growing Times - July 2006

    Slugs May Spread E.Coli to Vegetables, The Genetically Modified Crop Debate in the Context of Agricultural Evolution, Pesticide Registration Numbers, Registered vs. Specimen Pesticide Labels, Mediterranean Fruit Fly May Transmit Human Pathogens to Fruit

  • Growing Times - January 2006

    When Eating Your Vegetables Makes You Sick; Acute versus Chronic Effects; West Nile Virus in 2005

  • Growing Times - November 2005

    Private Applicator Certificates, Mediterranean Fruit Fly in San Jose, Choosing the Right Gloves for the Job, Cleaning Pesticide Spray Equipment, Agricultural Civil Penalties, The Problem with Symphylans

  • Growing Times - July 2005

    Summer Reminder, Defining "Physically Present", Pesticide Adjuvants, Pesticide Interactions

  • Growing Times - February 2005

    Illegal Pesticide Containers, Reimbursing Medical Costs of Persons Injured in Pesticide Incidents, Protective Eyewear, Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program

  • Growing Times - November 2004

    Coveralls versus Work Clothing, Eggs Hold Food Safety Secret, 2003 Pesticide Residue Sampling Results, Private Applicator Certificates, New Fumigant to Replace Gas that Damages Ozone Layer, Office Hours

  • Growing Times - July 2004

    Summer Reminder, Defining "Physically Present", Pesticide Adjuvants, Pesticide Interactions

  • Growing Times - February 2004

    Routes of Pesticide Exposure, Respirators, What is Mad Cow Disease (BSE)?, Putting Mad Cow Disease in Perspective, Grassland Restoration Seminar

  • Growing Times - November 2003

    Pesticide Use Reporting, Private Applicator Certificates, Grower Study Guide, Continuing Education Seminar, Non-Compliances Versus Violation Notices, What Makes a Substance a Pesticide?

  • Growing Times - July 2003

    Preventing Heat Related Illnesses, Small Business Hazardous Waste Program, North County Biologist Rotations, Our New Web Address

  • Growing Times - February 2003

    New Organic Standards, Weed Free Forage, Agricultural Pesticide Use Records, Open Burning Policy, Control of Deer

  • Growing Times - November 2002

    The Division of Agriculture, SCC Vector Control District, Agriculture Web Site, UC Cooperative Extension, Reporting Rural Crimes, New Opportunity to Gain Education Units, SCC Weed Management Area

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