Branching Out

This informational newsletter is sent to structural fumigation companies operating in Santa Clara County.  It provides a yearly summary of our inspection findings of their industry.


  • Branching Out - Fiscal Year 2006-2007

    Fumigation Inspections; Number of Fumigations in Santa Clara County; Industry Compliance; Definition of a Handler; Emergency Medical Care Posting; Appliances in a Structure; Tarpaulin Rips; From The Question Files: Locks, Enforcement Response Regulation, OFN signatures; Effective Secondary Locks; Branch 3 Companies Advertising Fumigations; Southern Update; Southern Reports; Fumigation Protests

  • Branching Out - March 2007

    Santa Clara County Enforcement Committee Meeting, Restricted Material Permits, Inspection Numbers, Civil Penalty Guideline

  • Branching Out - January 2007

    Structural Fumigation Inspections in Santa Clara County; Implementing the NOI Fee; Fumigation Signs & Winter Rains; Warning Signs and Red Ink; Stewardship Program & Restricted Material Permits; Restricted Material Permits; Non-Compliances in Santa Clara County; Field Reps; Fumigation Notice of Intents

  • Branching Out - Fiscal Year 2005-2006

    Fumigation Inspections; Industry Compliance; Outdoor Utility Doors; Porches and Carports; Gas Analyzers; Off-Gassing Vikane Cylinders; Pesticide Registration; Environmental Groups Petition EPA to Retract Fluoride Pesticide Tolerances on Food; Toxic Gas Ordinance; Fumigation Logs

  • Branching Out - Fiscal Year 2004 - 2005

    Fumigation Inspections; Industry Compliance; Creative Ideas to Keep a Perfect Record; Secondary Locks; Tarpaulin Fumigations at Night; Light Bulbs and Tarpaulins; The Car is in the Garage but Nobody's Home...

  • Branching Out- Fiscal Year 2003 - 2004

    Fumigation Inspections; Industry Compliance; Secondary Locks; Items that Must be Removed From a Fumigated Structure; Dow AgroScience; Field Reps; Fumigation Notice of Intents; Fumigations & Cats

  • Branching Out - Fiscal Year 2002 - 2003

    Inspection Results; Industry Compliance; Quick Facts; Secondary Locks; Supervising & Disciplining Employees; Fumigation Gas Meter Safety Alert; Vikane Gas; Fumigation Notice of Intents; Nylofume Bags

  • Branching Out - Fiscal Year 2001 - 2002

    Inspection Focus; Overall Compliance Drops; Quick Facts; Compliance Rate Still Lower for Unannounced Inspections; Tarp Removal & Certification; Code Sections Most Frequently Violated; Enforcement Rate; Field Reps; Notice to Occupants

  • Branching Out - Fiscal Year 2000 - 2001

    Employee Training; Compliance on the Up; Website; Compliance Rate Lower for Unannounced Inspections; Major Areas of Noncompliance; Who is Considered a Handler

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